To an adult, brushing teeth is a normal part of the daily routine. Not only is the action habitual, you understand the necessity of tooth brushing in preserving good oral health. Children cannot be expected to conceive the importance of preventing cavities and gum disease. It is vitally important to show empathy towards your child if they are resistant to daily brushing, as it is an entirely new experience from their perspective.

There are many reasons a child may resist having their teeth brushed. Tooth eruption occurs from the ages of six months until the age of three. From the age of six, your child will experience the growth of permanent teeth up until the age of twelve. As such, your child may have sensitivity and pain in the mouth that makes brushing uncomfortable. Some children are naturally defiant and may view oral hygiene as a distraction from a preferred activity, or part of a routine they do not want to complete, such as going to bed.

In any event, it is vital that your do not neglect the importance of (at least) twice daily brushing. Just Brush My Teeth recommends a number of strategies to make teeth cleaning a wholesome experience for your child.


Adult toothpaste is normally a mint or aniseed flavor. Children may find this sensation unpleasant and off-putting, as they have very sensitive taste buds. Many brands carry toothpastes in child-friendly flavors, such as strawberry. If your child has sensory issues regarding toothpaste, rubbing a dry or damp brush across their teeth and gums is better than neglecting the process altogether.


Children enjoy feeling a sense of control in their lives. Brushing teeth could feel like an unwelcome disturbance from play and activities they enjoy. Make a special experience out of taking your child to the store to select their very own toothbrush. Many brands carry brushes in exciting colors or featuring their favorite cartoon character.


All children like to feel grown up and want to be just like Mom and Dad. Brush with them to show that you consider good oral heath to be important. Bring older siblings into the mix to make tooth brushing a family experience.

If you are concerned about the condition of your child’s teeth, or want additional oral hygiene tips, make an appointment at Just Brush My Teeth in Marietta, Georgia today.

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