Many people dream of achieving brighter, whiter teeth. You will obviously want to take the easiest route to reach your goals. However, some providers make promises of perfection that do not stand the test of time.

In recent years, dental tourism has increased in popularity. The term basically applies to patients traveling out of state or to another country to take advantage of cheaper treatments. While the cost may seem appealing, it is important to consider the potential impact on your oral health.


The application of dental veneers typically involves removing a small amount of enamel to facilitate a molding. The molding is then bonded to the surface of the teeth. You will have pearly white teeth that should dramatically improve your quality of life. However, an inexperienced or unscrupulous dentist could end up leaving you dealing with nightmare complications.

Going out of state is less of a risk, as there are blanket protections afforded to all citizens of the United States. Once you leave the country for veneers, no such protections are guaranteed. Patients have experienced poorly applied veneers, excessive damage to natural teeth and suffered serious infections after traveling for cheaper treatment.


You may feel tempted to travel for dental implants that are fast and affordable. This type of procedure requires great care and consideration. Unfortunately, paying less often means that quality of treatment suffers. There are numerous horror stories about the impacts of substandard dental implants.

Some of the issues that patients experience include poor hygiene standards, incorrectly sized implants, loose or broken implants and even wooden pegs used in place of titanium dental implant screws. There is no way for the average person to identify many of these issues until they cause pain, discomfort or infection.


When your dentist tells you that a particular teeth whitening treatment is not appropriate for you, seeking a second opinion is understandable. However, there are some dentists who will tell you whatever you want to hear. There is no going back once your teeth are destroyed, so consider guidance designed to protect your oral health before opting for dental tourism.

If you want teeth whitening or cosmetic solutions that are safe, effective and affordable, reach out to Just Brush My Teeth today for a consultation.

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