Is your smile back to its former glory after a professional teeth-whitening treatment, and do you wish it will stay that way forever? Sadly, teeth whitening is not a one-and-done procedure. Maintaining your pearly whites is a never-ending task requiring discipline and dedication. But it is worth it!

Regrettably, some meals and behaviors can discolor teeth, especially if you consume or do them routinely. For example, you sabotage your teeth-whitening efforts by smoking and consuming dark-tinted foods and beverages. As a result, gray, brown or yellow teeth can develop regardless of how well you care for your teeth or how often you visit the dentist.


The durability of your whiter smile depends on your actions in the 24 hours after your teeth whitening treatment. But even though abstaining from harmful substances for at least a day after treatment is crucial, doing so daily going forward is highly recommended. Here are some guidelines if you want your teeth to stay sparkling white for as long as possible.

Stay Away from Foods and Drinks that are Highly Pigmented
Consumption of colorful foods and beverages can lead to tooth discoloration over time. Things like chocolate, berries, soy sauce, tomato sauce, wine, soda, juice and coffee are your white teeth’s enemies. If you must drink dark-pigmented beverages, do so with a straw.

Stop Smoking or Chewing Tobacco
Smoking not only harms your overall health but also hastens the staining or re-staining of your teeth. If you have recently had your teeth professionally whitened, smoking or chewing tobacco will quickly ruin the results.

Make Good Dental Hygiene Practices a Habit
Maintain a consistent morning and nighttime dental hygiene routine, including brushing, flossing and using mouthwash. Brush your teeth immediately after consuming something you even think might stain. If that is not possible, then at least rinse your mouth with water.


Professional whitening treatments can last up to three years if you eat right, do not use tobacco, adopt great oral hygiene habits and visit the dentist for a cleaning and checkup twice a year. However, the results can fade in as little as six months if you do none of these things.

You can schedule an appointment with Just Brush My Teeth whenever the time comes for another whitening session.

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