Having brighter, whiter teeth is beneficial in so many ways. If you lack confidence in your smile, the right treatment can change that mindset. You may even find that your fortunes in love, personal relationships and career choices improve.

While these pros are definitely a selling point for teeth cleaning and whitening, there are other considerations. Your oral health may rely on knowing that maintaining a brighter smile is a daily commitment. That alone could inspire you to brush and floss regularly and with renewed enthusiasm.


Tooth decay is the bane of a healthy and vibrant smile. Cavities can form due to bacteria buildup, eating unhealthy foods, enjoying too many sugary drinks or poor oral hygiene. Regular cleaning, both at home and at the dentist, can prevent tooth decay from setting in.

Brushing and flossing removes bacteria and food particles from around the teeth and gums. Professional cleaning will remove more stubborn materials such as hardened plaque and tartar. Your dentist can also get to hard-to-reach places for a deeper clean beneath the gums.


Two of the causes of fractured teeth include aging and poor oral hygiene. If you enjoy having whiter teeth, avoiding fractures should become a priority. You can do your part by keeping the teeth and gums healthy with regular cleaning.

You should brush for two minutes and floss twice a day. Additional oral hygiene after meals that include sweet, acidic or high alkaline ingredients can also help keep teeth and gums healthy. However, it is important not to over-brush or use a brush with hard bristles to protect tooth enamel.


Seeing your brighter teeth could motivate you to maintain your smile. Practicing excellent oral hygiene will stave off staining and remove harmful bacteria. You can reinforce teeth and gum health with cleaning and whitening from Just Brush My Teeth in Marietta, Georgia. We are committed to helping our patients achieve all their dentistry goals.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of professional teeth cleaning and whitening, reach out to Just Brush My Teeth for an appointment today.

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