If you have a child, you know how fast they grow. Children can go through significant changes in just a few months, with much of their rapid development happening during the first few years of life. Though many children seem to taper off in their growth as they get older, children actually continue to grow and change in significant ways until they reach adulthood. With these rapid changes and growth patterns, there is a considerable need for children to receive early dental care.

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that all children visit the dentist before the age of two. In fact, it is recommended that you take your child to the dentist once the first tooth erupts inside his mouth. If that seems like it is way too young for dental visits, it is helpful to understand the reasoning behind the early recommendation.

The two main reasons why the ADA recommends that all children visit the dentist by their second birthday are fundamental for protecting your child’s smile.

1. When children are taken to the dentist from a very early age, they gain a healthy view of the dentist. At the first appointment, if there are no significant issues that need to be addressed, the dentist and staff will work hard to make the appointment fun and enjoyable. The dentist will count your child’s teeth, introduce him to dental tools, teach him how to make brushing fun, and explain to him how to keep his teeth clean. This time spent at the dentist will establish a relationship so that your child will be comfortable with regular dental visits.

2. By taking children to the dentist from a very early age, the dentist can gain a “baseline” view of your child’s oral health. As your child grows and develops, your dentist will be able to visibly see the changes that occur within your child’s mouth. Should any issue arise with your child’s teeth, gums, or oral development, the dentist will be able to catch them early. Having a baseline for your child’s oral health is the biggest advantage your dentist can have in keeping your child’s smile healthy.

At Just Brush My Teeth, we understand the importance of early dental visits. Please contact us for an appointment to have your child’s teeth cleaned.

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